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The Problem of Existence-Human Being-Water-Energy and Air Conditioning

Son güncelleme tarihi Ocak 27, 2021

Turhan Karakaya
Questioning the issue of existence has been one of the unique matters of philosophy underlying the field itself. Thales is one of the pioneers studying on this subject. It is known that he states “Water” is on the basis of formation of everything. Berkeley, on the other hand, points out that in reality, existence is mind and soul, that is, mind exists in reality and all the rest consists of sensation. According to Sarte, existence, in the first place, arises out of human existence. Things exist, of course, but they do not have the property “existence”. Sarte says “Human carries ‘being’ into ‘existence’ through its mind and conscious attitude”.
When we consider life in the light of philosophy, with the help of our experiences it is proven that human questioning existence never gives up doing that and he even strives to add value to it. However, does that being called “human” really add value to existence or damage it? This basic question shapes both science and the future.
From a certain point of view, “water” is really the basis of existence as Thales assumes. Natural gas and power have been extracted from the seas and the oceans. Let’s leave drinking water aside, countries come on the brink of war even for a drop of salty sea water and consubstantiate their existence with that of seas. Water is now perceived as the source of not only the life but also the energy. From another point of view, life goes on with water. The life source of living creatures, thereby the source of existence indeed, is water. Engineers, designers and pragmatic engineers in the field of air conditioning and mechanical installation shape and canalize the water regarded as the reason for existence. They even use it for heat exchange. They also clean, filter and refine it. And they strive to recycle both waste water and the rain coming from the sky. We, who work in the field of air conditioning, struggle for the existence of life and the continuation of existence with the awareness of the reason for our existence. We even make an effort to be the source of existence.
The beginning of the Industrial Revolution is the invention of steam engine. A Scottish inventor called James Watt invented the steam engine while trying to find an appropriate way to pump the water extracted from mines outside. This went down in history as the most important invention which led to the Industrial Revolution. Archimedes, Al-Jazari and Taqi al-Din, of course, are also among the scientists who created various mechanisms to carry the water up. Today, the most important engineering wonders in the works of Mimar Sinan are also seen in the incredible methods used to carry the water-the source of existence- from bottom elevations up without any forced pumping. As it is seen, water, the source of existence, underlies again the existence of both industry and works of art.
Water, of course, is the source of existence. However, are we aware of this enough? This question must be asked researchers. One of the most important indicators displaying that there is not enough awareness might be not being able to leave what we get from the nature as it is and not intending to do that. Aren’t polluted seas, disappeared streams, endangered sea creatures, vanished lakes and rivers a threat to -let’s put human life aside- existence? After this criticism, let’s consider the topic in the perspective of mechanical installation engineering.
Water is delivered to houses to be used in plumbing systems with the help of sanitary engineers’ designs and manual labor of admirable sanitary workers. Now that water is the source of existence, then it is a must to deliver it to faucets with no loss and leakage and as much as the needed amount. Yet, unfortunately, millions of liters of water are wasted by leaking out of the pipes before getting to the building. Furthermore, every time we flush the toilet, about 8 liters of water are sent to the sewage. Grass areas and landscape services- require so much water which is the reason for existence – unfortunately, oblige an abundant use of it. Seeing that we use water to irrigate gardens, then wouldn’t it be so meaningful to use that water, rainwater and reusable sources called “Grey Water” in flushing tanks and reirrigation by refining again?
Water is one of the most important refrigerants, which is also used in heat exchange. It is also one of the most important and frequently used means to embody large amount of energy in various pressure and heat and transport that energy to the places aimed at. According to some scientists, energy lies at the heart of existence. Water is required to transport that energy, too. However, water, cooled or heated at great cost with difficulty, is still wasted on its way while being transported before getting to the end point because of poor isolation, mismeasurement and erroneous installation works. Aside from energy waste, water is also wasted due to the leaks in the installations.
I wouldn’t like to break the spell of the text by giving numbers but according to the data from DSİ-State Hydraulic Works, the annual amount of usable water per person was 1652 m3 in 2000, 1544 m3 in 2009 and 1346 m3 in 2020. When the potentiality of usable water per person is considered, Turkey is among the countries experiencing water pressure. These numbers show that 25% of our water sources vanished between the years 2000 and 2020 only. This rate is unfortunately -more or less- seen all around the world.
In brief, when water is used up, life will end and when it does, being will disappear. Every individual in societies, especially we, people in air conditioning industry and sanitary engineers have a great role to play in ensuring that being is sustainable. With the hope of increasing our awareness…

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